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Intro To Studio Lighting For Portraits

Saturday, March 12th, 2022 (Oakland, CA)

What Is This Workshop About


When it comes to shooting techniques, the defining feature of a great portrait is great lighting. During this workshop you'll learn how to capture portraits using the basic equipment you'll find in today's photo studio. I'll share what the typical light modifiers you'll find in any modern studio and what each one does to your portrait and how to use them effective to shape light. As well as learn the common lighting sources, flash units and the lighting stands that you'll come across in a photo studio. This introductory workshop ends with a hands photo shoot a professional model.

I will be sharing 3 basic lighting setups for portraits that will allow you to create the right lighting for your next photo shoot. All while using one single light source (key light). Your confidence of creating beautiful images using one light source will allow you to create even more dynamic lighting later on that involves two, or three or more lights in your set up.

You'll have the opportunity to photograph amazing professional models and build your portfolio all while I'm there to assist you in real time. After the presentation of each of the single-light setups you will spend the remaining time capturing photos of a professional model using the lighting setups we discussed.

Working with a professional model will give you the opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate with a subject, experiment with posing and learn how to properly frame a subject in your photo.

Lighting Techniques Using One Light Source Discussed

- Butterfly Lighting

- Rembrandt Lighting

- Split Lighting


- Kailyn (MDT Agency)

- Kayla (MDT Agency)


Space is limited to only 10 people.

RATE: $350, early bird price ($400, at the door)

Bring-A-Friend for only $600 (for the both of you)



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