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You did an amazing job. Let me just book you for all my events next year right now :) -  Christina De La Rose, President/Producer of EDEN San Francisco Pride events

"Thank you Robert, you are a one talented photographer, wow, I love your photos! Thank you and it was very nice meeting you. Much love." - Fely Tchaco of Fely productons/ZEWP

"You Mr. Silver have a gift It's nice watching it manifest in my work!" - Ercia Varize, fashion designer

"ROBERT! These photos are outstanding. I really mean it. Thank you SO MUCH for capturing the entirety of our event so beautifully. The light is perfect. You got it exactly right. I'm really grateful for this. Will you be sure to shoot our next event, please? ...Thank you again!" - Fritz Lambandrake of Runway Couturier Fashion Only Event Production

Robert has always been a great artist to work with. I am an actor and model by profession and every show I do I make sure to look out for Robert Silver at the end of any runway. He always gets great photos, has an excellent attitude, is candid, and promotes the models/events/designers he is affiliated with. Any event coordinator should definitely use them on their projects- he has a vast networking system and will go beyond the norm to make sure that you are represented well both in image... and images. - RAIN DOVE DUBILEWSKI, model

"OMG, so many amazing ones to choose from...may take me a while. gonna narrow it down tonight and sleep on them, then give the final six to edit. You guys did a great job! Lisa is so good!" - Jennifer Schmidt (Fashion Designer) of JenniferSSchmidt Collection

I didn't even really notice him working and then I receive the photos and they were AMAZING! Discreet, professional, so fast getting the finished photos to me and so fairly priced. Mr. Silver is a perfectionist and an artist. Will use again!! - model, Erin Pacheco

Published work: 

San Francisco Chronicle inside the Style section - AutoDesk Design Night (Sept. 20th 2013)
Swagga Digital Magazine, Creative Contributor/Photographer, page 6, Fall 2013 Issue "Urban Ink"
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